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Investment Philosophy


Texas Institutional Investment Management (“TEXIIM”) believes attractive investment opportunities may be identified by their technical and fundamental strengths. TEXIIM believes that stocks and ETFs that present compelling cases for investment under both methods of analysis have greater potential to deliver superior results through stock and ETF selection.



Individual Portfolio Management


TEXIIM offers separate accounts for their Small-Cap Growth, Mid-Large Cap Growth, All-Cap Growth, and Retirement Income portfolios. The Small-Cap Growth, Mid-Large Cap Growth, All-Cap Growth portfolios are driven by stock selection and the Retirement Income portfolio is driven by stock selection of high yielding dividend stock and income ETFs.


Individual portfolios are built using TEXIIM’s proprietary stock selection process. The process is unique and innovative. Based on a thorough analysis of market fundamentals and pricing trends, the process capitalizes on the experience of the management team and is enhanced by the integration of two separate proprietary stock selection computer models. The combination of these two models identifies and then isolates true growth opportunities. Stocks that pass these two hurdles are candidates for further analysis and consideration. Investment decisions are made following a stringent technical and fundamental analysis.

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