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Retirement Income


The Retirement Income Composite is a concentrated portfolio invested in 10 to 20 Large-Cap equity securities with a market capitalization greater than about $3.0 billion and inclusion in the S&P 500 or Russell 1000 index or an equivalent, nationally recognized Large-Cap index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with a minimum market capitalization of $350 million.


All these holdings have higher than average dividend yields and cash flows that are strong enough to sustain their payouts at current and higher levels.

Investment Process


Idea Generation

Focusing on stocks and ETFs with strong and sustainable dividends and low volatility


Screening Process:

  • ETFs with $350 million in market capitalization and at least 3 years of trading history

  • Stocks must be a member of a Large-Cap index


Identifies acceleration and improvement in:

  • Free cash flow

  • Revenue

  • Earnings

  • Profit margins

  • Relative strength and momentum



Grunt Work

Exhaustive research money managers are paid to perform


Portfolio Construction

Fundamental Research: Focuses on cash flow to support dividends, earnings quality, earnings estimate revisions, debt exposure, and history of rising dividends


Technical Research: Explores trend lines and preference given to those who exhibit less volatility, and pricing patterns

Range of 15-20 positions selected for internally funded sustainable growth, superior technical characteristics, and are identified as low volatility and providing high income


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